Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas time in Biblioteksgatan

The central streets in Stockholm are pretty busy during Christmas time.

Here is Biblioteksgatan a few days ago. People run from one side to another and usually don’t manage to do what they planned.

This is what Christmas is about: rushing, spending money and meeting up relatives you wouldn’t meet for the rest of the year. Waiting for another identical Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Is Odenplan a real alternative to Stureplan and Södermalm?

Is Odenplan a real main square in Stockholm? Hard to answer.

Odenplan is a famous square in the neighbourhood Vasastan, it is quite central, prestigious and pleasant. But it doesn’t give the inhabitants of this area the status which Stureplan and Södermalm do.

Why? Maybe because there isn’t enough night life down there, or it’s better to say that people don’t usually think about Odenplan when they decide where to go in the night.

But in Odenplan you can even find cool pubs. So what’s the drawback of this square? Maybe just stereotypes, as usual...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Marta, an exchange student in Stockholm

Here is Marta, a Polish student.

Marta is about to finish her master program in Warsaw; she also studied at Stockholm University some time ago.

Marta has been studying philology, theatre and dancing.

Lets’ hear what she thinks of Stockholm

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stockholm Universitet, where the dreams come true

A place I do recommend university students apply for is Stockholm Universitet.

I studied there one year and the feeling I had was just fantastic, I felt in the future with a look in the past.

In the future because I had all the technology and means I needed to study properly

In the past because I could interact with many people from many countries: life, despite any technological evolution, will always be about friendships, love, sex and human contacts otherwise it wouldn’t be life, it would be something else, something unworthy.

Many faculties are in the Frescati area together with several places to have a decent lunch, plus three coffee shops and a big computer room

Follow my advice, if you have a chance just study there!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stureplan, the status symbol

The main status symbol in Sweden is the neighbour you live in.

You are not a lawyer, an employee nor a doctor; you are a Stureplan or a Södermalm or a Vasastan person.

The most prestigious area in Stockholm is Stureplan: the most expensive for accommodation, the fanciest part of the city where people go to show off and try to prove that they are somebody while clubbing in the night.

I never go to Stureplan because I judge it a chicken trap. However it is a good looking neighbour and sometimes I like to walk there, but never in the night!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Lappis, where the world ends

When people live abroad they need to share something with someone else to feel integrated.

This need to belong to something is fulfilled in Stockholm by Lappis. Lappis is a student campus where people have their own room with their own bathroom and a shared kitchen. Lappis is where students, especially foreign students feel at home, where they return from downtown or from long distance trips.

There’s a curious syndrome which is contagious, “The Lappis Syndrome”, being this campus a place you don’t want to leave because there’s everything in there: food (Ika), friends, parties, gym, laundry, even a beach to suntan during summer time.

It’s a trauma to leave Lappis and everyone who is still alive inside tries to stay there as long as possible. Those who don’t like it, those who escapes it are people who are already old, old in the inside.

Lappis, where the world ends