Tuesday, March 5, 2013


After the elections the reaction of some of the people who chose "Movimento 5 Stelle" has been "I've done a stupid thing voting this movement, these kids who have been elected don't have experience to be in the Parliament"


There are many parliamentarians in Italy who certainly don't lack experience. And what did they do previously? They destroyed the country, they voted disgusting laws, they increased their wage to make sure they make ends meet...

'But now all means of communication tell us "We need a government and being 'Movimento 5 Stelle' so highly represented in the Parliament we'll never have one".

We need a government; so once we have one we can keep increasing taxation, keep taking money off weak people who have no friends in the political parties to defend them, keep maintaining the system the same way it is now and make sure nothing ever changes.

The old system has already won: they risked to be overwhelmed by a movement which really wanted to change things, but they managed to convinced those who voted for the change that they made a mistake.

This is the way to win: controlling the communication means controlling people.

The rest is mere details...