Friday, February 13, 2009

Scandinavian Girls


I never said that German girls are more attractive than Swedish girls. I just said the communication between Italian guys and German girls is easier because Germans are 100% European.

The Swedes are a different type: introverted and shy and have difficulty in communication. Their messages of joy or disgust are not easily readable by a non-expert of the Swedish world. They may look bored but they live inside your company and maybe they are in love. But you (not expert) do not understand until you are asked to accompany them to bed!

The Swedes live in an inner world that is not shown on the outside through the conventional signals known by us.

But in terms of beauty plus frankness they have no equal in the world.
(The Russians and Baltic can be more attractive but they are not so frank).
The Scandinavians seem cold to us because of the differences of non-verbal communication signals. It seems that they play hard to get but they are often introverted and cold with new acquaintances.

The Scandinavians become extroverted and uninhibited after drinking.

For the Scandinavian girl is almost irrelevant the status and economic position of the other people. It means that liars, parrots, payers and drivers have no chance with the Scandinavians, but great success with Italian and Russian girls.

The Scandinavian girl decides "who, where, when, how"
The Scandinavians are easy when they decide to be so and they are impossible when you try to pick them up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The tragedy of not being artistic

It 's not that every person who is not artistic is necessarily boring

The problem is that those who do not have or artistic veins expressed either by immersion in art or by artistic production in all its expressions tend to be simple-minded people unable to channel strong emotions: first of all because they don’t have them, second of all because they cannot express them.

But don’t be afraid: only a few people have these characteristics.

That’s why those whom we like are attracted to them