Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is the "Fregnacciaro"

It would be too easy and misleading identifying the “fregnacciaro” with the nerd, because the “fregnacciaro” is something much worse, as he is much more harmful.

The fregnacciaro is a subcategory of creep and not necessarily a girl beggar.

The fregnacciaro can be often seen accompanied by a beautiful girl who is his fiancee: attractive, unique and unrepeatable (meaning that if he gets dumped he’ll never find any other girl comparable to his current fiancee).
The girl ended up with him because they’ve been put together by the case and continues to be with him because she can sleep tight during the nights, knowing that her fregnacciaro does not interest any other girl and therefore she is not afraid of being betrayed.

The fregnacciaro is not dangerous at any level: he dresses in an iperapproved and harmless way, his political and social ideas are always super politically correct and will never bother anyone.

The fregnacciaro is not attractive, does not cause emotions, not a beating heart, but he does not know it and he is happy because he has his life under control and he also sees it as perfectly logical.

The weight of his role in relationships is equal to 0, precisely as it is in making decisions at any level or in creating evolutionary trends.
The fregnacciaro thinks to be a good person since he does no harm to anyone.
But he does harm, it’s just he does not know that and will never know: he strengthens the belief of the non evolved people that the supercommon places expressed in any form by him are correct and pushes the other nerds but not fregnacciari to emulate him, increasing the number of those clones/ non-creative beings and the mediocres.

The nerd but not fregnacciaro looks with envy at fregnacciaro, being jelous of his girlfriend in the first place and also of his satisfaction to be what he is: nothing.
The hope which fregnacciaro must (unconsciously) have is that nothing will change in his life, nobody ever has to insinuate the seed of doubt in his head, and above all he never has to start using his brain in a non-standard way because in that case he could have a breakdown.

He must continue to be what he is while the others, those who can, should try to make the species evolve because many among non-fregnacciari cannot do it either.

God bless the fregnacciaro, but above all, God protect the creative!