Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mittel Europe or just Northen Italy?

There I was again, Milano.

The third time determined the same sensations I had on the 2 previous occasions.

It felt like being in a half evolved place. Everybody in
Italy says Milano is a bad city, people are uncool and there's plenty of crap.

That's not how I felt, maybe because I was always there on holidays.

I was asking myself if that was a sort of Mittel European city or just the most evolved Italian place.

Hard to answer, perhaps the strongest drawback of Milano was it offered something European without being Berlin, Vienna or Amsterdam and it lacked certain warm aspects of the south.

Not fully European and not fully Italian

However it seemed pretty clear that was easier to live in Milano than in Roma and that explained why many Swedes had told me that Milano was their favourite Italian city.

Basically it was more important to the Italians to live in a city surrounded by ancient roman heritage like Colosseo and Fori Imperiali than to certain foreigners.

Maybe we were more into history because we had made history but we were just history, while the others had no history but they had present…

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Giulio said...

Personalmente Gio' io che ho vissuto a Milano per un anno e che ho "vissuto" Verona. Trovo Verona MOLTO più mitteleuropea di Milano.
Verona è sempre stato un nodo tra l'Austria/Germania e la penisola... e "l'aria" che si respira a Verona è veramente, a mio avviso, più mitteleuropea che quella di Milano.
Comunque vale sempre la regola "de gustibus non est disputandum"