Monday, January 4, 2010


The first time I had a chance to go to Tallin was nearly 10 years ago.

At that time I did not know much about life, about countries, in fact I didn't know much about anything. I was just an Erasmus student convinced that Sweden was the best country in the world and Swedish girls were the most attractive women in the universe (how naive!).

Since then I returned to Tallin twice and the impression was similar and different.
What is similar is the beauty of the historical city centre and of the girls.
Tallin looks like those places who have a foot in the past and the other in the future: the monuments remind of the greatness of the empire Estonians belonged to; walking in the non historical city centre gives the clear impression to be in a Scandinavian city, colonised by the Banks and typical shops you may find in Northern Europe.

The people seem to be happy of what they have, they look like simple human beings that don't demand too much.

The girls are among the most gorgeous in the world (currently my favourite but I love women from all the countries!) and they look pretty confident too.
The only drawback in the capital is the cost of living which seems way too high for the possibilities of the inhabitants.

To turn Tallin into the ideal place to live takes 2 things: a significant economic growth due to investments from abroad (which is not easily predictable), and English improvement by the Estonians who have all the means to accomplish this task (films are shown in the original version)

In that case I would have no refrains to move there right away!

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