Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stockholm film - Lappis movie : "The endless dream of a winter night"

Before leaving Stockholm, a few days ago, we had the premiere of the movie we made in the Swedish capital during the season 2009/2010.

You can watch the movie blog here and have a look at many backstage moments and interviews.

Now the question: is this a movie about Stockholm? Is this a movie about Sweden? Or is it just a Lappis film?

And furthermore: what is the meaning of the movie?

I can answer from the perspective of the screenwriter: it is a movie about how a foreigner can feel in Sweden; so it's Stockholm from a foreign perspective, I'd better say from different foreign perspectives.

Why Lappis? Because it is the place where many foreigners live and study.

I don't think it can be called a proper Lappis film, but all those who have lived in Lappis can recognize many things.


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sapphire said...

Hi Georgio. Am watching your movie now. It's great but yes, being hosted on Megavideo with low-res is not the best. I was wondering if you could split the movie into segments and then host them on vimeo (which is so much better)? And edit down the movie time to 60minutes?

You captured a lot about how a foreigner feels in Sweden. I can associate with many things (even though I'm not a guy) so I hope you can share this with many other foreigners coming to Sweden.