Friday, February 4, 2011

Being a Football fan

Being my grandpa one of the founders of a football club I can't help be emotionally linked to that football club.

However I can't help acknowledging that:

Football fans are a community of people who make the acts of someone else a reason for living: they identify themselves with a team because this is the only way they have to be somebody.

A person with balls identifies himself with his deeds, because he knows that being someone is his sole responsibility.

Therefore, the true man hates football, because he knows that the more value he attaches to something external to himself (a football team, God, a political leader, etc..), the more decreases his own individuality.

A man with balls knows that only a mediocre can be a football fan, acknowledging in the deeds of others a pride, an identity, a value that he could never achieve on his own; a sense of relief to his distress and an existential illusion that his life is worth something.

As long as the fan does not realize that, he can only watch 11 semi-literate people kicking a ball earning a fortune with his money.

But a football fan is programmed to live a mediocre life in line with his personality

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