Thursday, January 14, 2016

''The Hateful Eight'' review


Actors = excellent (it’s always easier to deliver when you are directed by a master)
Photography = fantastic
Editing = very good
Direction = possibly Tarantino’s top (shot wise)
Narration = not his best ever. Why?

To be honest for a few minutes (during the second half of the Third Chapter) I was afraid Tarantino failed this film (in spite of a great beginning); he’s an extraordinary screenwriter capable of giving his characters remarkable complexity, but it occurred to me he was going a bit too far on this occasion (a bit redundant dialogues to make the protagonists’ nature fully emerge), and I even yawned a couple of times when the first hour was about to strike (my heavy dinner helped in that)!

Luckily the second part has a completely different pace which helps the whole picture get a different perspective.

There are a couple of narrative Voice Overs which I found pleonastic, however, this is a Great Movie.         

I still have to watch it 2/3 more times to be 100% sure about that.

His only film comparable with this one is ‘’Inglorious Basterds’’ but ''The Hateful Eight'' picks a different genre (Horror, besides Western).

There are explicit references to ''Once Upon a Time in the West'' (i.e. Cheyenne), but the western picture which inspired him the most is Sergio Corbucci’s ''The Great Silence'' (1968).

Western can be magic (whether it’s Hawks, Ford, Leone, Peckinpah, Tarantino or Eastwood), no doubt about that.

I hope one day…

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