Wednesday, August 16, 2017


”You said rock&roll comes before everything else for you, why?”. 

Joe thought this through for a few seconds before responding “I was 17 and I’d never listened to rock & roll. During a student assembly I was on my own, as usual. A couple of class-mates came over with a Walkman: ‘Check this out!’. ‘What’s that?’ I asked. ‘Just try it’. I put skeptically the earphones on and it all happened in a flash: a pure explosion of sensations, expressions, happiness. Above all a relief, a Nirvana feeling: no matter what your age is you’re not the only one. It all started then and there was no return. You see I can stay away from everything in my life: I didn’t watch movies for a decade, I didn’t read books for years, I didn’t even meet any human being for months but if I didn’t listen to rock & roll a few hours a day I wouldn't get out of bed”.

The interviewer looked at the novelist with a puzzled face “If music is so important to you why do you write instead of playing?”.  Joe looked away for a few seconds then back to the guy and smiled sly...

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