Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Joe was watching Federer demolish the poor Berdych to reach, once again, the semifinals of the Australian Open 2018 edition

Joe considered "he could win his 20th Grand Slam... When was last time I saw someone beat him playing a truly impressive tennis?".

His job was so boring he didn’t have anything better to do than looking for suppressed memories. 

January 2005, Joe was an unpaid intern at the Roman bureau of the Associated Press, not dreaming any more to become a great journalist. His co-worker broke in the news “Federer’s leading 2 sets to 1 but Safin is playing incredibly!”.

He moved to the other room to watch the continuation of the match (“much better than making fucking photocopies” he thought) which turned out to be by far the best match he ever saw in a long long time. Federer played his best tennis but that day Safin was simply unplayable and won 9-7 the 5th set to reach the final of the 2005 Australian Open.

“In 13 years many things changed except one: Federer” Joe’s mind was back in 2018, “I moved from one state to another, changed many cities, I met literally thousands of people and he’s still there, on top”.

Bush, Recession, Obama, Trump, Starwood, Besedo, Teaching, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, his first laptops and video cameras, being a trainer, catching intercontinental flights, making feature and short films, hanging out with cool people (and addicts of any kind), changing mind 20 times a day about what to do next, running away at the end of it all.

Ultimately start over.

He could write many novels and screenplays based on those 13 years where everything changed to stay the same.

Precisely like the best tennis player he ever saw

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