Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Criticism is not condemning someone, it is just underlining what is not perfect about something and if it leads to reflections and new solutions is extremely useful.

People should understand the difference between destructive and constructive criticism.

There’s really no need to feel annoyed or irritated or offended by constructive criticism even about your own country, it could lead to new perspectives and ideas which could generate new solutions and improvements.

Provided that people are open minded enough

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RachelClaire said...

Well, i'd say that you're completely missing the emotional dimension in all that. Why is criticism about culture or society badly taken in general? Because it refers to some values you've been taught since you were a child and changing that is a threat to someone's stability. Moreover the same critic argument will be taken completely differently by a given person if it comes from family, bf/gf, friend, foreigner, etc...