Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Networks and Losers

Over the last few years many social networks have been created , no need to mention them since everybody knows Facebok, Myspace and Twitter.

What people ignore is who uses the most these tools: Losers

People who are on these networks most of the time (and have loads of "friends" there) are usually people that don't exist in real life, when they walk on the streets they are called NOBODY

But then they have their Social Networks where they have their "virtual friends", their pictures, their "life"

Many people will never understand that what masses usually do is pointless and very sad. That's why I never used Myspace, Twitter and I stopped using Fake Book (Face Book) a long time ago even though I admit FB to be very useful to get quickly in touch with those you need to contact

But real life is based on phisical presence on a territory, who you really are in that environment

There will never be a virtual life that can take over this matter of fact

Vey few people exist for real

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RachelClaire said...

Ttssss, is it really reasonnable to stigmatize social networks on a web blog??? Naaah, seriously...