Thursday, November 5, 2009

Television and coffee

When I was a half grown up (around 16 and 17 years old) I was rather sceptical when I heard some of my class mates point out "I never watch TV". The same thing happened when some friend of my sister, just a bit older than me claimed without any doubt "sugaless coffee is much better".

My typical reaction was "this guy is boasting around, he is just showing off. Television is very useful and bitter coffee is disgusting. They are liars and they prefer to suffer a little bit to prove that they are cool, macho and bla bla bla".

For a long time I was convinced of that.

Then suddenly something happened: I was alone and I was making a coffee, when it was ready I was about to add loads of sugar as usual but there was no sugar anywhere.
My instinctive reaction was to throw the coffe in the sink but just before doing that I thought "why not trying? I mean, let's see if those guys are just full of shit or they have a point".

At first it tasted very bad but then a little bit better.

So the days after I tried again and then again and what tasted bad started to taste good and it became possible to recognize the taste of different brands which was impossible when I used a lot of sugar

These days I get disgusted when somebody gives me coffee with sugar inside, it tastes fake.

I have never been dependent on TV but I used to watch it at least 2 hours a day.
Nowadays I don't even own a TV and when someone gives me one of them as a present I don't say anything, I thank that person but then I hide it in a storage!

How did that happen?

Three years ago I was sharing a flat with a retired man who was TV dependent. Unfortunately the internet connection worked only in the living room where he used to watch TV 12 hours a day which means I had to listen to TV programs every time I used the internet

I started to hate TV because watching or even hearing it felt like a violence perpetrated against me

I found out I didn't miss it at all! Besides I noticed that real life is very different from what they show on TV, extremely different.

If people start observing what happens in the real life they will notice as certain mechanisms are completely different from what TV wants us to believe

Everything shown on TV has the objective to convince us of something which does not exist and that is in the interest of those who show those things, not in ours.

If we paid more attention on what happens in the real life (streets, offices, courses) we could understand why what we would expect to happen (according to TV shows) don't happen and why other things happen

As simple as that!

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